Cable Design for Audio / Video

Kalestead has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of bespoke audio and video cables. We can offer single core screened to multi-core/multi-function cables, low noise, low capacitance or matched impedance cables. Such cables may include, for example:

  • Co-axial conductors
  • Twisted pairs
  • Individually screened pairs, triples, quads or multi-core units
  • Power cores
  • USB or Ethernet units for digital signals
  • Strain members or other reinforcement
  • Bespoke or “off-the-shelf” connectors

Examples of cable types

  • Speaker cables
  • Microphone cables
  • Guitar leads
  • Inspection cables
  • Security and surveillance cables
  • Military and civilian communication cables

Examples of application

  • Hi-fidelity sound and recording systems
  • Musical instruments
  • Entertainment systems
  • Health
  • Military communication systems (e.g. headsets, target systems, remote control)
  • Civilian communication systems (e.g. civil aviation, maritime leisure, sports)
  • Air to ground communication systems
  • Motorcycle rider entertainment & communication systems
  • CCTV and audio for the security industry both overt and covert
  • CCTV for inspection systems above and below ground (e.g. power line management, pipeline management, drainage systems, mining)

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