Coiled Cables

We have been coiling cable since Kalestead Limited was established in 1980. Coiled leads are often referred to as “curly flex”, “retractable cable”, “spiral cable”, “extensible leads”, and so on. The cable is processed to form a helix and provides for a reliable electrical connection without the need for long trailing lengths of cable. We also manufacture non-conductive coiled leads which, for instance, act as lanyards for the security and sports industries.

Many commonly available (“off-the shelf”) cables are not suitable for coiling but with our extensive experience we can design and manufacture cables, choose the right materials and employ the best production methods to ensure optimum coiling performance to match our customers’ requirements.


There are many criteria to consider when designing a coiled lead. Some of the most important considerations are:

  • Cable design
  • Closed length of the coil
  • Maximum extension length of the coil
  • Coil diameter
  • Length of the straight ends (tails)
  • Retraction force
  • Cost
  • The application



Common applications include:

  • Telephone leads
  • Headphone and microphone leads
  • Charge leads
  • Hand-held devices (e.g. lamps, surveillance equipment, mobility equipment, remote controls, keypads, laboratory probes, thermocouple probes and medical monitors)
  • Mechanical devices (e.g. X-ray equipment, laboratory equipment, lifts, hoists, door operation, painting equipment, military equipment and medical equipment)
  • Coiled mains cables for numerous applications

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