Cable Protection / Cable Reinforcement

Kalestead manufacture cables protected with stainless and galvanized steel wire braids for use in demanding environments.

We also specialize in non-conductive protective braids, especially aramid fibre yarns (better known under trade names such as Kevlar® or Twaron®) * and polymer filaments.

Highly flexible aramid fibre braids offer great tensile and flexural strength to any cable, have great abrasion resistance with the added benefit of fire-resistance. A popular application is for remote inspection camera cables as used in the mining industry or drain inspection.

Polymer filament braids provide for flexible sensor cables and give protection in laboratory environments.

We can also add strain members to our cables to protect the conductors from tensile stresses. These consist of cords made from stainless or galvanized steel, aramid or polyester fibres and can be offered in several sizes with different breaking loads.

Whatever your requirements, Kalestead will be pleased to work with you to design the perfect cable to fit your application – however demanding that may be!

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