About Kalestead Ltd

Kalestead Limited, established in 1980, is a UK cable manufacturer based in Braintree, Essex.

As a predominantly bespoke cable design and cable manufacturing service, this website provides just a small insight into the types of cables that we can build, and their associated applications.

However, our expertise can be applied in many arenas where cables are the solution to connecting power, or transferring control, information and intelligence. Please explore our website to find out more.

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Bespoke cable design & manufacture

As a pioneer within the cable manufacturing industry, Kalestead Ltd was one of the first UK companies to offer a custom cable design and manufacturing service. This service was developed because the company realised that each client had such significantly varying requirements.

It was a natural progression for Kalestead to respond with a dedicated custom design and build service, providing bespoke cables to exacting specifications.

Leading the way in cable manufacture

We have the ability to design and manufacture cables to unlimited specifications and for a huge range of industries and functions. As such, Kalestead Ltd is classed as one of the leading cable design and manufacturing companies in the UK.

Furthermore, KalesteadLtd was also the first company to offer the ubiquitous coiled cable in virtually any length, colour, format, or core configuration.

As well as manufacturing our cable in-house in the UK we also have the ability to coil, terminate or mould our customers free-issue cable.

Cable development

As a progressive business we are always looking to develop our products and the capabilities of the cables we build.

Our on-going process of research and development has taken Kalestead Ltd cable products into virtually every field of electric and electronic endeavour, worldwide. These industries include; the communications industry; oceanography; computing; aeronautics; the automotive industry; defence; medical technology, and of course many more.

Customer satisfaction – Our priority

Our loyal and constantly expanding customer base exists partly because we place customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. One of the elements of our business that we are particularly proud of is that our specialists are always available to discuss, first hand, the intricacies of any given job.

This means that all of our clients have access to the best technical advice and professional expertise at every stage of the cable design and manufacture process. This open communication provides our clients with added reassurance that the cable we build will meet their exacting requirements.