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Thermocouple LeadsAt Kalestead we have developed a range of cables specifically designed for use with temperature probes on hand-held thermometers.

They are of course, manufactured from materials designed to provide the leads with good retractability, which in turn ensures the lead works well for it's required application.

The two most favoured designs are:

  1. 0.08mm 2 circular cable, nominal diameter - 3.8mm.
  2. 0.14mm 2 circular cable, nominal diameter - 4.0mm.

Both versions are available with either PTFE or PVC insulation and Polyurethane or PVC sheath.

Kalestead's thermocouple coiled leads can be supplied in any colour required to conform with the standard colour combinations of core and sheath that are currently recognised world-wide.

Thermocouple LeadsOur thermocouple leads can now be supplied with the standard two-pin thermocouple plug integrally moulded, as shown in the image below. This eliminates the costly, time-consuming task of stripping cables and attaching a demountable plug.

They are moulded in polythene and the complete assembly can be provided at a price which is less than that of the two separate items.

Our service also includes the ability to integrally mould on probe handles, with or without your company name or logo, after connections have been made between cable and the probe.


Kalestead UK - Specialist Cables, Coiled Leads and Cable Accessories

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