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Telephone ConnectorsThe use of BT and American (Wescom) style modular jack plugs for keyboard to computer connections has become increasingly popular, therefore, in addition to the standard flat and oval cables we have introduced a range of similar style types which incorporate flexible copper conductors as an alternative to tinsel.

The advantage of these is their ability to be soldered and their lower resistance with the result being a considerable reduction in volt drop per unit length.

Telephone ConnectorsWe can supply these leads in coiled or straight form with various combinations to finish, i.e. BT to Wescom, Wescom to Wescom, Wescom to prepared end. Plugs are available in 4-way, 6-way and 8-way.

Also available, as illustrated opposite, are coiled leads for use with telephones that are required to work in a much harsher environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for further information.

ephone Connectors

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